Heraldry in An Tir

Principality of the Summits Kingdom of An Tir Principality of Tir Rígh

The Kingdom of An Tir is divided into several regions:

From these, two Colleges are formed:

The Summits is lead by Bleu Grael, but does not have its own College. Bleu Grael may nonetheless choose to create deputy positions as best serves the principality.

Black Lion has a large number of deputies. A complete roster including all staff and branch officers is available, but a few of the more visible ones are, in no particular order:

Black Lion will tend to host a meeting at Twelfth Night, May Crown, July Coronation, and September Crown events, to which all are invited to attend. Given the size of those events and time constraints, the meeting time will tend to float, or may be cancelled altogether.

An Tir Customs