About Heralds and Heraldry in the SCA

Heraldry in the SCA is a very broad subject, encompassing:

It is important to appreciate how vast heraldry is: just a portion of it can provide years of rewarding service and education. As a result, many heralds tend to specialize: voice or book, though all are encouraged to develop an appreciation of the other aspects of our activity, and perhaps some proficiency as interest and ability allows. We also tend to network with our colleagues across the Society and in the modern world, pooling our knowledge.

To administrate it all, the SCA follows the model developed by heralds in period: organizing heralds into a College of Arms, under the authority of a Sovereign of Arms. For England, the authority is Garter King of Arms, head of the English College of Arms; in Scotland it is the Lord Lyon and their Court.

In the SCA, that authority is Laurel Sovereign of Arms, head of the SCA College of Arms. Each kingdom in the SCA has a separate College of Heralds with a principal herald (Black Lion in the case of An Tir) promoting and supervising heraldic activity within the kingdoms, and reporting to Laurel and to their respective Crowns.

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