Löwenmähne is primarily responsible for organizing the tournament heraldry at:

May Crown Tournament

Champions/Squires/Cadets tourneys at July Coronation

Queens Rapier Championship at Kingdom A&S

September Crown Tourney, Equestrian / Archery Championships

The office is also responsible for ensuring coverage of town crier duties at An Tir/West War (when An Tir is hosting). This involves assigning heralds to each list that is open for heavy fighting and rapier fighting for all of the Crown/Championship tournaments. In addition, as the fighters sign in for Crown Tournament, Löwenmähne provides them with their precedence order in coordination with Dexter Gauntlet, organizes the processional and provides contenders with voice heralds to assist in announcing each with their inspiration.

Löwenmähne also coordinates with Black Lion to ensure the heralds' pavilion is set up on the list field at Crown Tournament.

This job requires working with the marshals and the list ministers to ensure a smoothly run tournament. It is heavily recommended that Löwenmähne be at all Crown Tournament and Coronation events, and when applicable An Tir/West War. You do not need to have a great voice to do either job as long as you can wrangle volunteers and organize the necessary activities. This is a great job if you tend to specialize in at-event service but shy away from paperwork behind the scenes.

Time requirement: 10-20 hours per event, depending on size of the lists and the number of tournaments

This position requires:

Consistent and reliable internet and computer access, including an internet browser

Good communication skills, diplomacy, discretion

Organization, and the ability to stay cool under pressure

Minimum transport: Two 18 gallon Rubbermaid totes (supplies/tabards) One 6’ banner bag (optional)

Recommended: Familiarity with and ability to train others in the progression of typical tournaments and field heraldry practices, and in the patter

Recommended, but not required: Familiarity with name pronunciation and style/title practices

Useful, but not required: Ability to train others in vocal technique

Duties & Responsibilities:

Coordinate with Black Lion and, as needed, kingdom teamster to ensure timely setup of the Black Lion pavilion to be used by Löwenmähne during tournaments

Provide at least two printed copies of the OP for use during Lists sign-ups

Work closely with Black Lion, the Earl Marshal, and the Lists to ensure the smooth heralding of tournaments and town cries

Recruit, support, and supervise Town Crier to ensure the heralding of town cries

Arrange for someone to cover duties at events if unable to attend

Coordinate the needs of multiple fields with the assignment of multiple heralds of varying levels of experience and ability, including compensating for the loss of a voice

Recruit, train, and supervise field heralds and town criers, both ad hoc and formal deputies

Create training and working materials as appropriate and knowledgeable

Other duties and projects as assigned