Lions Blood

Lions Blood is a deputy to Black Lion responsible for the timely processing of heraldic submissions within the kingdom, from acceptance of a submission, through consideration at the kingdom level, to forwarding to Laurel for further consideration, or returning for further work. Notification of submitters is also a duty of Lions Blood, though generally delegated to a deputy.

This position does not require detailed knowledge of historical armorial or naming practices so much as it requires knowledge of Society standards and practices for each. It can be expected, however, that the holder of this office will increase knowledge of both, and develop a good sense of what resources are available to assist in making effective arguments for registration and useful explanations of why a particular item may be returned.

This position demands absolute secrecy of decisions you may have knowledge of, as well of the privacy and personal details of submitters.

A successful officer will have the ability to monitor your workload and respond early and appropriately.

This office can have intense demands, but can be very fulfilling. You will have the support of the An Tir College of Heralds at your call, as well as resources spanning each Kingdom of the Society.

Time requirement:

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Other responsibilities may be delegated as appropriate.