Demi-Lion is one of two contingency deputies for the office of Black Lion. Where Queue Forchée is assumed by the prior Black Lion, and can step in as an experienced officer should Black Lion be unable to perform the duties of office early in the tenure, Demi-Lion is a role for an intermediate officer to gain experience and be available later in the tenure.

It follows, then, that Demi-Lion can be expected to be involved in an advisory capacity to Black Lion in a number of matters. In particular, the collection and summarization of quarterly reports is assigned to this office, which helps provide insight into the broader health of the heraldic function within An Tir. Other projects may be assigned as time and interest allow.

This is a leadership position. As such, there may from time to time be more intimate exposure to the private, interpersonal issues of others, where the goal is to help them successfully balance their personal life with their office.

A successful Demi-Lion will be:

Knowledge of book and voice are not required for success in this office.

This office has responsibilities as part of the Financial Committee.