The Herald's Oath of Arms

Based on the An Tir Ceremonial

I SWEAR that I will ever be true to the CROWN OF AN TIR and my LIEGE LORD AND LADY, the KING AND QUEEN OF AN TIR, and further, that I will honor all LORDS AND LADIES of this REALM.

I SWEAR that I will bear myself soberly and discreetly, keeping all secrets save only treason against the CROWN; that I will seek out and report worshipful deeds; that I will be ever ready to commend and loath to blame in all my dealings.

I SWEAR that I will preserve to the best of my ability the rights and privileges of the OFFICE OF ARMS, to make known to my fellows any deeds of arms, feasts, tournaments, jousts and other assemblies of honor at which they may be able to acquire thanks, honor and profit, sharing truly the goods and gifts coming from this noble OFFICE OF ARMS.

I SWEAR that I will faithfully participate in the activities of the AN TIR COLLEGE OF HERALDS, and continue diligent in the study and practice of the science of arms, pledging my knowledge to the service of the CROWN AND PEOPLE OF AN TIR.