An Tir OSCAR Commenting Policy

  1. If you want internal commenting privileges on OSCAR, sign up for an account and let Black Lion know who you are via e-mail.

  2. If you want to maintain internal commenting privileges, be civil and useful.

  3. If you want external commenting privileges, you must have been commenting internally for at least six months and Lions Blood must affirm to Black Lion that your commentary has been on point and useful.

  4. All commentary, An Tir internal or College of Arms external, is private and confidential. Confidentiality of commentary ensures that commenters can share their honest opinions. Confidentiality of decisions allows decision-makers to re-evaluate their decisions prior to publication based on late information that commenters may not be privy to. If you share commentary or knowledge gained through attending decision or commentary meetings (without the permission of the decision-maker or the commenter), you provide Black Lion with cause for revoking your OSCAR privileges.

  5. If you have external commenting privileges and have not commented externally for six months of more, in keeping with Laurel policy, you will lose external commenting privileges. If you have internal commenting privileges and have not commented internally (or externally) for a year or more, you will lose all commenting privileges. If you have not logged in for two years, your account will be suspended.

  6. If, at any point, Lions Blood, Laurel, Wreath, or Pelican, request that you be be removed from commenting, you will lose commenting privileges.