Riderless Horse Memorial Ceremony

Ceremonial of the Kingdom of An Tir

Version: (2022)

There are no cheers or applause.

Their Majesties ask the populace to stand.

Populace stands

The Order of the Rose and the Valorous Estate will now escort the Riderless Horse Memorial into Court.

The Order of the Rose and the Valorous Estate approach followed by the Riderless Horse wearing the ceremonial caparison.

The Crown or Herald or one of the assembled reads the following (at the Crown's discretion):

The Kingdom of An Tir needed a permanent memorial
representing our sorrow for those who have passed away.
The Order of the Rose and the Valorous Estate proposed using a Riderless Horse
to represent those who have died,
both as a dignified way of marking their passing,
and to provide a ceremony that will be instantly and universally understood
by those who witness it.
Today, we bring before you the Riderless Horse Memorial,
which will be a constantly evolving piece of An Tir history
which is stewarded by the Order of the Rose and the Valorous Estate.
The caparison has been fashioned from retired pieces of Kingdom Regalia,
and will continue to be added to by members of the Order of the Rose and
the Valorous Estate and the populace of our Kingdom.
It is right and fitting that members of the populace of An Tir
who pass on be remembered and recognized for their presence and contributions
to the Sable Kingdom.

The Crown carries a black tassel to the Riderless Horse

Therefore do We, , hereby recognize .

The Crown attaches the tassel on the caparison.

The Herald reads the name of each person who has passed as the tassel is attached to the caparison. There is a moment of silence following each name.

When the list is complete, the assembled escort the riderless horse out of Court.

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