Grant of Arms

Ceremonial of the Kingdom of An Tir

Version: 12th Night, LII (2018)

At the Crown's command the herald shall summon the recipient:

, Their Majesties command your presence.

And when they have arrived, the Crown shall describe the reason for the grant.

Then the herald shall read the scroll or the following:

Attend all gentles unto whom these presents shall come,
for and , King and Queen of An Tir,
send Greetings.
Our subject, , hath pleased us greatly,
and We are minded to Grant him the right to bear Arms [blazon],
and also the right to a crest,
and to show a ribbon and pendant therefrom the An Tir Ensign as Badge of their estate.
In testimony whereof, We do here set Our Hand and Seal
this day of , Anno Societatis , being Gregorian.
, King of An Tir , Queen of An Tir

But if the recipient has not registered arms, the herald shall substitute the following: "...right to bear such suitable and unique arms as, by consultation with Our heralds, they may devise, and also the right to a crest..."

And after the Crown has congratulated the recipient, the herald shall exhort the cheers of the populace.