The Office of Lion's Heart Herald

Office currently held by Basil Dragonstrike.

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The Office of Lion's Heart Herald-at-Large

The office of Lion's Heart is one of the "Staff" positions in the An Tir College of Arms. This means that Lion's Heart does whatever Black Lion needs her/him for. Currently, Lion's Heart comments on OSCAR, the Online System for Comment And Response; that's the method for checking names and armory for conflict and adherence to the rules for submissions.

Information regarding the current Lion's Heart

My name is Basil Dragonstrike, a name I registered in November 1980. Although I have been around a long while, I have not been active during all that time. At present, I am living on a miiniscule income, with no chance of an increase in the foreseeable future. That, combined with having to pay property taxes, means effectively no money for events, etc., for the next year or so.

However, I do have Internet access, so I am able to comment on OSCAR. My time for that the last couple of months has been limited, but I hope within a few weeks to bring my level of participation back to my former level.

In parting, let me say that it has been wonderful to work with all the great folks in the An Tir College of Heralds.