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COVID and Submissions

Greetings unto the populace of An Tir from Sadhbh Bheag Lion's Blood:

While COVID has certainly played havoc with our SCA game and fun, Heraldic Submissions have not truly slowed. As most of our work in Submissions is online and has been for many years thanks to OSCAR for commentary and Office 365 for team work, Submissions has been going along very wonderfully! Consults continue on many media platforms and the use of has made concepts and digital rendering much easier. In the Lion's Blood Office, we maintain a spreadsheet tracking submissions from receipt to registration.

We have a few deputy offices in this Office:

Clerk - This role received submissions in the mail, scans in the documents to our Team folder and deposits payments. You should receive a confirmation email from them to confirm we have received your items.

Terpsichore Fox - This role is our Names deputy to help us firm up documentation and be sure we have what we need to send these forward. They help me edit our Letters of Intent and give advice when questions come up as they can from time to time.

Boar - This role is our Armorial deputy and does much the same but for devices and badges.

Sinister Gauntlet - This role is our Notifications Deputy. When your submissions go from our Internal Letters to up to the Sovereigns and their commentary committees, you should receive an email confirming this. Also, if we need to return your submissions for more work, they will send this to you, usually with advice on what your next steps are, or any suggestions that came of our commentary process. They will also advise you of these same processes as your items are decided upon by the Sovereigns of Arms, registered or returned for more work.

Please be sure your email is clear on your forms for fastest and easiest communication from us to you.

If you wish to learn more of these roles, please reach out to us! We are always looking for deputies to check out what we're doing and assist and learn the roles.

Further, the Society College of Arms has run 2 full Virtual Heralds Point with PayPal payments available in the last year. These endeavours have led to the conclusion that a yearly VHP is very much wanted in the SCA and they will periodically continue. These VHPs link submitters to heralds all over the Known World who can help document name elements, source through armorial styles and conflicts, fill in forms and submit to your local Kingdom submissions office with no mailing required!

Also of note are the Administrative letters that can be very useful to your current registrations. These are transfers of names and armories, Permissions to Conflict - specific to a person or in general, Heraldic Wills for letting the College know what you want us to do with your registrations in the event you should find yourself on the other side of life. There are many Administrative actions you can take for free. You can find the suggested standard form letters at

For all other submission information, please see our webpages. Please note that Tir Righ populace will need to see the Tir Righ Heraldic pages for local to them submissions. This info is also on our webpages under Submissions.

I look forward to eventually meeting you at in-person events, but know I am always here online for any questions or helps. If I don't know the answer, I probably know someone who knows someone and we can get that for you!

Yours in Heraldic Service,

Bantiarna Sadhbh Bheag inghean Toirrdhealbhaigh, GdS

Lion's Blood Herald, An Tir

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