Sinister Gauntlet

Sinister Gauntlet Pursuivant is a deputy to Lions Blood Herald and is responsible for notifications of decisions regarding name and armory submissions. Decisions are issued once per month at both Kingdom and Laurel level; Sinister Gauntlet can work on decisions throughout the month or all at once, as long as the task is completed in a timely fashion. Additionally, this task may be shared with others at the discretion of Lions Blood and parties involved.

This position does not require knowledge of heraldry and uses form letters created by Lions Blood with simple editing done by Sinister Gauntlet. It is an excellent entry point for individuals interested in how heraldry submissions are processed and decided. Those interested in being Lions Blood at some point are especially encouraged to apply for Sinister Gauntlet, or otherwise offer their services to Lions Blood.

This position requires:

Beneficial, but not required:

Duties & Responsibilities: