Principality Herald

Silver Yale and Bleu Grael are deputies of Black Lion, responsible for the administration, promotion and exercise of heraldic activity throughout the principalities of Tir Rígh and the Summits. They report to Black Lion, serving at the pleasure of both the principality Coronet and Black Lion.

This is a high-profile leadership position, with direct supervision deputies and every local branch pursuivant, as well as general guidance of heralds-at-large. As such, there may from time to time be more intimate exposure to the private, interpersonal issues of others, where the goal is to help them successfully balance their personal life with their office.

A successful Principality Herald will be:


Refer to the local Principality Law for specific duties of their Principality Herald. Expect them to include but not be limited to specific responsibilities copied below:

Additional duties:


Time Requirements:

Knowledge of any specific function, such as book or voice, are not required for success in this office, but general heraldic knowledge and the ability to quickly learn and disseminate knowledge will be useful. Questions from the populace, from officers, and from the Coronet are to be expected.