Registering Names and Armory

It is our charter to register historically-plausible names and devices. While we work within a pretty broad envelope (for example, in how much time separates name elements), we're not generally able to register names that are pure fantasy or otherwise go beyond the structure and content of attested names found in period sources, nor can we register modern designs as armory.

We encourage submitters make use of the resources available in the Society rather than go it alone. An excellent place to start is by emailing Æstel Herald.

Step through the tabs below to learn about the registration process.

Administrative actions: Actions such as transferring a badge to another person, granting permission to conflict, or releasing an item, are not submissions, and therefore do not use a form and do not require fees. For recommended form letters covering a variety of situations, see Appendix D of the Laurel Administrative Handbook.

When submitting a letter, please date and sign in ink with your modern name, and send to the same address you'd normally send a submission to.

Our understanding of period practice, and how we adapt the needs of the Society to that model, changes over time. If something was returned by Laurel years ago, there's a chance that it may be registerable now. However, the fact of prior registration doesn't imply that it's registerable by the general public in the present.

As a result, myths abound. That "the heralds" told you something could not be done does not mean they spoke correctly, then or now. Even if an experienced herald says it, they can be mistaken. It is best never to presume an answer, but to verify against current practice.

The Registration Process