Notification, and What Comes After

After a submission has spent sufficient time to have fair and accurate commentary, a decision is made about how to proceed. At some point after the decision is made at Kingdom, or after Laurel publishes a Letter of Acceptances and Returns (about 6-8 weeks after decisions meetings at Laurel), Kingdom will attempt to notify you of the decision and any relevant reasons for return, or even occasional complements from Laurel such as "Nice 14th century Venetian name!".

If an item is accepted, it is yours to use until such time as you choose to release it. If a modification was made to the name, and you wish to have an alternative modification considered, a timely Request for Reconsideration can be made. Contact the submissions staff for details.

If an item is returned, it is important to understand the reason for return. You are strongly encouraged to consult with the College submissions staff to interpret the return, which will almost always be couched in technicalities intended for the use of a consulting herald. Citations of our standards, references to precedent, and the like provide a consulting herald with information about the nature of the discussion that took place, and what needs to be addressed.

At this point there are a couple options:

A resubmission with a change precludes appeal of the decision that led to the return.

There is no charge for a timely resubmission, within 18 months of the decision.