Individually Attested Pattern for Device of Gilia Maddalena Sofia del Fortuna

This motif is from the di Lambrici di Cremona arms found on page 184 (plate 200) of Stemmario Tribulziano by Nicolo' Orsini de Marzo under the heading of di Lambrici. This source is a facsimile of the Codice Trivulziano 1390.

The di Lambrici arms have agules field with a single spanned argent bridge that is argent spanning grayish brown rocky shores that surround a rapidly flowing river that is argent. The Italian blazon is Di rosso, al ponte ad una sol Arcata d'argento, gettato sopa un fiume dale acque impetuose al naturale, scorrente fra due sponde rocciose del medesino, moventi dai fianchi dello scudo. The approximate translation (via Google) is Red, the bridge to a silver sol Arcata, sopa cast a river dale rushing waters to the natural, flowing between two rocky shores of medesino, driving the sides of the shield. The submitter has opted to register these arms in the tinctures they occur within the roll of arms.

Stream motifs occur several times in this source; blazons are all in Italian with approximate English translations in parens:

These examples illustrate a clear pattern of this submitted image as an Italian depiction of running water. In addition, they support a pattern of runningwater/river, architecture and ground/landscape.

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