Quarterly Reports

Seneschals, Branch Heralds and Heralds-at-Large, and Kingdom Heraldic Staff:

Black Lion requires your heraldry reports! This includes heralds-at-large! You don't have to hold heraldic office to report!

Am I required to report?

Reporting is key to fulfilling your requirements as a branch officer, and in letting us know your branch has the required set of officers to exist. Consider that last fact for a moment...

Per An Tir Kingdom Law:

Article III.D Reporting

  1. The calendar year is divided into the following reporting quarters:
    1. First Quarter = January, February, March.
    2. Second Quarter = April, May, June.
    3. Third Quarter = July, August, September.
    4. Fourth Quarter = October, November, December.
  2. All branch officers are to report on the previous quarter to their Principality superior or designated reporting deputy by the first of the following months: February, May, August and November.
    1. If there is no Principality or designated reporting officer to report to, an officer must report directly to their Kingdom superior.
    2. A copy of each report shall be provided to the branch seneschal, and the Baron and Baroness or Royal Patron of the branch.
    3. A Kingdom Officer can require greater reporting frequency from any officer within their purview if the needs of the office dictate.
  3. Principality officers and reporting deputies are to report on the previous quarter to their Kingdom superiors by the fifteenth of the following months: February, May, August, and November. In the case of Principality officers, copies must be sent to the Coronet and Principality Seneschal.
  4. Deputies to Kingdom Great Officers report on the previous quarter to their corresponding Greater Officers by the first of the following months: February, May, August, and November.

Also, per Curia, 12th Night 2015 (emphasis added):

Reporting is a necessary requirement for the SCA to function, but it's not something that comes naturally to everyone. Kingdom, Principality, and Regional officers need to take a great deal of initiative to educate their subordinates on when and how to report. They cannot assume that volunteers are receiving this from their local branches when they assume a post. Frequent reminders via email, and sometimes even phone calls or at events, are necessary; starting well before the deadline. If a branch does not have an officer in a position, then the branch Seneschal must report to the appropriate senior officer instead.

What are the benefits?

What should I include in my report?

Please summarize the time since your last report. If you haven’t sent a report before, get us up to speed since you took office, preferably as far back as the prior two quarters.

Please include:

We’re not looking for essays – quite the opposite. We need enough that we can get an honest idea of how healthy things are, but don't have the time to read a full account of the goings-on at events while processing reports. (However, such accounts would be excellent things to post to the email list or Facebook.)

This needn’t take more than a half-hour of your time, but do the courtesy of sending more than a token email.

Unless otherwise directed by the individual receiving your report, please send it as simple email. While a Word document or PDF can be tempting in its beauty, it actually slows down processing the reports from several dozen officers. Simple email text allows for more efficient reading.

Where do I send reports?

Are you one of Black Lion's deputies? Send to Demi-Lion. If Demi-Lion is vacant, send directly to Black Lion.

Are you someone else's deputy? Send to that person, or as they direct.


In addition...

When do I send reports?

On or before the 1st of February, May, August, and November.

In addition...

Black Lion's reports are due by the 1st of March, June, September, and December (Administrative Handbook X.A) or earlier to meet Curia report deadlines, and deadlines to report to the Heirs before Their Coronation (An Tir Handbook, Unified Reporting Schedule: "Kingdom Great Officers report by the First of April, July, October and January. They must also report as directed by the Crown and their Society superior. All Kingdom Officers must submit a written report to the Kingdom Seneschal no later than one week prior to Curia. They also report to Their Royal Highnesses one month prior to each Coronation.").

It is important to be timely. Failing to meet these deadlines hamper the ability to provide reports at Curia. Chronic failure may factor into decisions regarding your office.

Persons receiving reports: Please send an acknowledgement to the sender of the report indicating it has been received.

If you send a report and don't receive an acknowledgement of its receipt within a couple days, contact the recipient to verify.