Full-Service Consultation Table Policy

Consult tables are encouraged. They are excellent opportunities to promote interest in heraldry, and to help individuals on heraldry projects. We ask only that the persons staffing the table be knowledgeable enough to provide assistance, even if it is merely directing individuals to more experienced heralds. Consult tables may occur wherever interest arises.

A consult table that accepts submissions on behalf of the Kingdom is commonly referred to as a "full-service" consult table. These are typical of Crown events and have restrictions.

Private parties may not host a full-service table. Private parties, including branch heralds, are not permitted to accept submissions on behalf of the kingdom except as the responsible party described below.

  1. Branches may not independently host full-service tables, unless the following are true:

    • The table occurs at the branch's major event.
    • The branch makes a request jointly of Black Lion and Lions Blood (Silver Yale, Red Flame), at least two weeks in advance.
    • The branch has a host or hosts who will be in charge of providing the table and space, and liaising with the event staff.
    • Unless Kingdom agrees otherwise, the host will also be the responsible party keeping submissions and materials safe.
  2. The responsible party

    • MUST be a current member of the Society.
    • MUST have a good record of timely reporting.
  3. The responsible party will:

    • remain present and available to take custody of submissions unless Kingdom agrees otherwise. Restroom and food breaks, emergencies, are understood and accommodated. Closing the table for breaks, Court, etc is permitted (advised, for Court), provided the submissions and materials are kept safe.
    • assume custody of the submissions at the end of the table.
    • report to Kingdom the submissions and fees received within three days of the end of the event.
    • mail everything to Kingdom within two weeks of the end of the event.
  4. Under no circumstances shall submissions and fees be left unattended, except in a safe, locked location.

  5. If the responsible party must leave, submissions may not be accepted and the table is no longer full-service. Submitters are to be instructed to mail normally. If the responsible party returns, full-service may resume.

  6. Persons involved in the consult table are NOT permitted to convert cash into a check. Other persons, not part of the consult table, may freely do so.