Investiture of a Royal Patron

Ceremonial of the Kingdom of An Tir

Version: (2022)

At the Crown's command, the herald shall call forth the branch asking for a patron:

The people of have a boon to ask of the Crown.
People of , come and kneel before the Thrones.

And when they have assembled (officers in the fore):

What would you ask of the Crown?
Your Majesties, the people of wish to ask of You a Royal Patron
to represent us in Your Court, and to guide us according to Your wishes.
Are there any among the Royal Peers of Our Realm
that you would request to stand for you?
Yes, Your Majesties.
has traveled many times to our lands,
and given of their talents and knowledge
to aid in our growth and accomplishments.
We would be pleased if Your Majesties would consider appointing them
as Your representatives in our homeland,
and our voice in Your court.

The Crown shall call the patron forward.

We are considering the request of for the appointment of a Royal Patron.
Your name has been advanced for consideration as patron.
Do you understand the obligations, duties, and privileges attendant upon such appointment?
Yes, Your Majesty.
Are you willing to serve Us in this manner?
Yes, Your Majesty.
Then it shall be so.
We name Royal Patron for .
Your Majesties, I would now swear fealty as Your representative there.

The herald may lead, phrase by phrase.

I do now swear fealty unto and , my Liege [Sovereigns],
to serve as Royal Patron for ,
to obey Their lawful commands in all matters concerning this Realm,
to promote the Arts and Sciences,
to muster the forces of the Shire as Your Majesties have need,
and to present the concerns of the Shire to Your Majesties to the best of my abilities.
So say I, .
Crown 1
And We, for Our part, do swear fealty unto this Royal Patron of An Tir,
that We will protect and defend them and their household with all Our power,
so long as We remain Sovereigns of An Tir.
We also Grant unto them all rights, honors, and privileges due them
as Royal Patron of .
So say We, , [Sovereign] of An Tir.
Crown 2
And so say We, , [Sovereign] of An Tir.

And after thanking Their Majesties, the shire will depart, and the herald will exhort the cheers of the people for the shire and the patron.

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