Elevation to Rose

Ceremonial of the Kingdom of An Tir

Version: (2022)

This ceremony is intended for use where the outgoing Crown is already of ducal rank, but not already a member of the Order of the Rose. This may arise if the outgoing Crown has only served as Sovereign.


The Ducal Retinue shall arrange themselves as follows:

            DUCAL HERALD
          OUTGOING Crown

The scrollmay be carried upon pillows, if desired. This party may be followed by a group of supporters.

At the Crown's command, the party may enter court, and approach the Throne and bow:

May it please Your Majesties, your loyal subject, ,
has by beauty, grace, and virtue inspired their
champion to win for them the Crown,
and has reigned and descended from the Throne.
They now make bold to approach you
that they may receive from your hand the Royal accolade.
It pleases us, please come forth.

As the Duke/Duchess kneels:

Let the Order of the Rose here present
come forward to witness this accolade.

They shall arrange themselves to either side of the duke/duchess.

The Crown, handing the duke/duchess two roses, says:

, right mindful of your qualities,
and the inspiration your provide to this our Kingdom,
be welcomed into the Order of the Rose,
whose token this is, and be henceforth as you have been hitherto,
a model of honor and grace to the people of this Realm.
Upon my honor I pledge to do so.

The Proclamation

Crown: Let the Scroll be read.

Presenting the Scroll to the Crown's Herald, the bearer resumes their place.

Hear and attend, all ye throughout the Knowne World,
that from this day hence ,
having inspired their champion to achieve for them the Crown of An Tir,
and having reigned and descended from the same,
shall be admitted into the noble Order of the Rose,
with all rights and duties theretofor granted.

If Letters Patent are also granted (typical), continue:

We, and , [Sovereigns] of An Tir,
do acknowledge this and do affirm their right to bear by Letters Patent: [blazon]
and to bear above the shield a front-facing helm with gold coronet bearing strawberry leaves
the shield encircled by a wreath of alternating gold hearts points to center
and gold heraldic roses barbed and leaved vert seeded gules.

If the new Rose doesn't have registered arms, the herald shall substitute:

"We do affirm their right to bear by Letters Patent, such suitable and unique Arms as, by consulting with Us and Our heralds, they shall choose, and to bear above..."


In witness whereof, We do here set Our hand and seal,
this day of , Anno Societatis , being Gregorian.
, [Sovereign] of An Tir; , [Sovereign] of An Tir

They shall be given leave to depart and the herald will exhort the cheers of the populace.

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