Order of the Lion's Torse

Ceremonial of the Kingdom of An Tir

Version: 12th Night, LIII (2019)

At the Crown's command, the herald shall call forth the members of the Order:

Their Majesties call forward the members of the Order of the Lions Torse.

When they have gathered:

Your Majesties, gathered before you are
the members of the Order of the Lions Torse.
Each has been admitted to this order
in recognition of their exemplary use and display
of authentic and attractive armor
on the tourney fields of An Tir.
Your Majesties, there is one missing from our Order.
We would ask you to invite another to join us today.
Tell me of their accomplishments.

And the spokesman shall detail the qualifications of the candidate. Then the Crown shall command the herald to call the candidate forth.

, Their Majesties command your attendance.

When the candidate has arrived:

Do all of you agree that should be admitted to the Order of the Lions Torse?

On an affirmative reply:

We are minded to admit you into the Order of the Lions Torse.
Will you accept this honor from Our hands?
I will.
Then We admit you to this Order.
We charge you to continue your efforts,
and to encourage all in the use
of authentic and attractive armor on Our tourney fields.
Go now to your fellows.

As the Crown and members of the Order greet the new member, the herald will exhort the cheers of the people.