Lion’s Cub

Ceremonial of the Kingdom of An Tir

Version: (2022)

At Their Majesties' command, the herald will call forth the recipient:

Their Majesties ask to come into Their court.

When the recipient has come before Them, Their Majesties may speak of the cause for the award.

If no scroll has been prepared, continue with the following:

Let the people of An Tir know
that has displayed the ideals of courtesy
in service to the Realm of An Tir,
in acknowledgement of which Their Majesties grant unto them
the Award of the Lion's Cub,
with the wish that they continue to bring honor and joy
to the Kingdom of An Tir.

And after Their Majesties congratulate the recipient, they shall return to their place as the herald exhorts the cheers of the people.

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