Investiture of Heraldic Officers and the Oath of Arms

Ceremonial of the Kingdom of An Tir

Version: September Crown LIII (2018)

This ceremony is written as if done for a Royal court. Application to a baronial office, substitutes the baronial coronet for the Crown.

The court herald shall call the outgoing herald. Black Lion may choose to assume the role of Court Herald for this ceremony, as appropriate.

, come now into [Their Majesties'] court.

And when they have arrived, they shall say:

[Your Majesties], I have come to resign my office of [title],
and do here surrender unto You these symbols of that office. 
I recommend unto [Your Majesties] as my successor in Your service.

And here they render up the symbols of office.

We thank you for your service to Our [Kingdom],
and wish you success in your future efforts.

The Court Herald shall exhort the cheers of the populace for the outgoing Herald.

It was the custom in times past
that persons named to an Office of Arms
be invested in that office by solemn and fitting ceremony,
and we today continue that tradition
according to the Laws and Customs of An Tir.
, [Their Majesties] command your presence,
and the presence of all heralds of this Realm,
that they may here witness.

If desired, the College of Heralds may arrange to enter as a procession, escorting the new Herald.

And when the new Herald has arrived:

and , [King and Queen of An Tir]
are minded to name you [title].
Will you accept the responsibilities and honor of this office in their court?

Upon a positive reply, the herald continues:

Are you then prepared to take the Oath of Arms?

Upon a further positive reply:

Do you swear
that you will ever be true
to [the Crown of An Tir and your liege lord and lady, the King and Queen of An Tir],
and further, that you will honor all lords and ladies of this Realm?
I so swear.
Do you swear
that you will bear yourself soberly and discreetly,
keeping all secrets save only treason against the Crown [and your Barony];
that you will seek out and report worshipful deeds;
that you will be ever ready to commend
and loath to blame
in all your dealings?
This I swear.
Will you preserve
to the best of your ability
the rights and privileges of the Office of Arms,
to make known to your fellows
any deeds of arms,
and other assemblies of honor
at which they may be able to acquire
and profit,
sharing truly the goods and gifts
coming from this noble Office of Arms?
I so swear.
Do you also swear
that you will faithfully participate
in the activities of the An Tir College of Heralds,
and continue diligent in the study and practice of the science of arms,
pledging your knowledge to the service of the Crown and people of An Tir?
All this do I swear.

Then shall the [CROWN] take a cup of water, and pouring it over the head of the candidate, saying:

Then be henceforth [title] in An Tir.

Giving the new Herald a full cup to drink:

Drink deep
to seal the oath that you have taken this day,
and keep this cup as token of your pledge.

If there is an escutcheon of office, it shall be placed about the neck of the new Herald, the court herald saying:

Wear this badge as token of your rank within the College of Arms.

If there is a tabard, it shall be given now. If the Herald has not been titled before then the tabard shall be placed athwart (the front over the right shoulder) and turned clockwise until it comes around to its proper positioning.

Bear this tabard as symbol of your office within the College of Heralds of An Tir.
Rise now, and join your colleagues.

And here the herald shall exhort the cheers of the populace, as the new herald takes their place.