Change of Greater Officer of State

Ceremonial of the Kingdom of An Tir

Version: 12th Night, LIII (2019)
(Name) , (Office) , has business with Their Majesties.

The officer will come and kneel before Their Majesties.

What is your business with Their Majesties?
I have come to resign my office of .
I here return unto Your Majesties the symbols of my office,
and commend to Your consideration as my successor .

The outgoing officer will return the symbols of office they may have received.

We thank you for your service to the Kingdom and people of An Tir.

They may be given leave to depart, or may be invited to stay and witness the oath of the new officer.

Let (New officer) come before Their Majesties.

The new officer will come and kneel before Their Majesties.

(New officer) ,
Their Majesties have chosen you to succeed to the office of .
Are you prepared to undertake the tasks and responsibilities of that Great Office of State,
to serve the Kingdom and people of An Tir,
and to swear fealty to Their Majesties?
I am.
Do you now swear fealty to and ,
your undoubted SOVEREIGN and CONSORT,
that you will faithfully discharge your office,
obeying Their Majesties' lawful commands in all matters that concern this Realm,
upholding the Crown and Kingdom of An Tir,
and mindful that the harmony of the Kingdom springs from your own deeds,
that you will deal courteously with those of every degree
so long as Their Majesties remain sovereigns of An Tir?
I so swear.
And We, for Our part, swear fealty to this officer of An Tir,
and to all who serve under them,
and to their household,
to protect and defend them with all Our power,
so long as We remain Sovereigns of An Tir.
So say We, , SOVEREIGN of An Tir.
And We, , CONSORT of An Tir.
Then take from Our hands these symbols of office,
and bear them in good and faithful service to the Kingdom of An Tir.
Henceforth be (Office) of the Kingdom of An Tir.

The Crown will give the symbols of office to the new officer.

And the HERALD will exhort the cheers of the populace as the new officer departs to their place.