Order of the Gray Goose Shaft

Ceremonial of the Kingdom of An Tir

Version: (2022)

At the Crown's command the herald shall call forth the members of the Order:

Their Majesties invite
the members of the Order of the Grey Goose Shaft
to come into Their court.

And when they have arrived, the Crown shall say to them:

What business do you have?

A spokesperson of the Order shall declare their desire to increase their membership.

And the herald will call forward the candidate. When they have arrived, the Crown shall ask them if they will accept membership in the Order.

Upon an affirmative answer:

If the candidate is a dependent of a member of the Order, the relevant member shall be called to release the candidate.

The herald shall read the scroll (or the following if no scroll has been prepared:)

Attend all gentles unto whom these presents shall come,
by devotion to the art of archery,
has served Our Kingdom of An Tir right well,
and We, being highly pleased with their great skill,
do now exercise Our Sovereign Prerogative
and command their name to be entered into the roll
of the Order of the Grey Goose Shaft.
Further We do grant unto them the right to display arms,
the right to a crest,
and also the right to show a ribbon and pendant therefrom the badge of the Order,
Checky Or and argent, a goose within four arrows lying as on a mascle sable.
In Witness whereof We do set Our Hand and Seal
this day of Anno Societatis , being Gregorian.
, [Sovereign] of An Tir , [Sovereign] of An Tir

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