Grant of Arms

Ceremonial of the Kingdom of An Tir

Version: 12th Night, LIII (2019)

At the Crown's command the herald shall summon the recipient:

, Their Majesties command your presence.

And when they have arrived, the Crown shall describe the reason for the grant.

Then the herald shall read the scroll (or the following if no scroll has been prepared:)

Attend all gentles unto whom these presents shall come,
for and ,SOVEREIGN and CONSORT of An Tir,
send Greetings.
Our subject, , hath pleased us greatly,
and We are minded to Grant them the right to bear Arms [blazon],
and also the right to a crest,
and to show a ribbon and pendant therefrom the An Tir Ensign as Badge of their estate.
In testimony whereof, We do here set Our Hand and Seal
this day of , Anno Societatis , being Gregorian.
, SOVEREIGN of An Tir , CONSORT of An Tir

But if the recipient has not registered arms, the herald shall substitute the following: "...right to bear such suitable and unique arms as, by consultation with Our heralds, they may devise, and also the right to a crest..."

And after the Crown has congratulated the recipient, the herald shall exhort the cheers of the populace.