Ceremonial of the Kingdom of An Tir

Version: (2022)

The herald shall call forth the recipients, and when they have arrived:

In the days when Maelen ruled as Princess,
with Scellanus by her side, she wished to commend
those who had been of special service to the Coronet.
It was she who established the Award of the Forget-Me-Not,
to be given by the Princesses of An Tir
at their pleasure.
Likewise did Morag, first Queen of An Tir,
determine that service to the Sovereign was worthy of honor,
and chose to continue to present the Forget-Me-Not
to those who had distinguished themselves in service.
To this day, personal service to the Sovereign of An Tir
has been recognized by the bestowal of the Forget-Me-Not,
and today [Sovereign] is pleased
to gift this beloved memento/rembrance unto

Here the [Sovereign] may wish to say something regarding the services rendered by the person as They bestow the medallions.

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