Elevation to Ducal Rank

Ceremonial of the Kingdom of An Tir

Version: (2022)


The Ducal Retinue shall arrange themselves as follows:

            DUCAL HERALD

The Sword should be held upright and sheathed. The scroll and coronet may be carried upon pillows, if desired. This party may be followed by a group of supporters.

At the Crown's command, the party may enter court, and approach the Throne and bow:

May it please Your Majesties, your loyal subject, ,
having by valor, skill, and strength of arms twice won the Crown,
and having reigned and descended from the Throne,
has thus earned the rank and title of of this Realm.
They now make bold to approach you
that they may receive from your hand the Royal accolade,
and be invested with the other dignities of this high estate.
In token of their loyalty to the Crown and Kingdom of An Tir,
they here yields their sword into Your Majesty's keeping.

The Sword-bearer will present the Sword to the Crown, who gives it to the keeping of the Kingdom Champion. The Sword-bearer returns to their place.

Approach the Throne, .

The incipient Duke/Duchess shall kneel before the Crown.

Let all of ducal rank here present
come forward to witness this accolade.

They shall arrange themselves to either side of the incipient duke.

If Letters Patent are not to be granted then skip ahead.

The Proclamation

Crown: Let the Scroll be read.

Presenting the Scroll to the Crown's Herald, the bearer resumes their place.

Hear and attend, all ye throughout the Knowne World,
that from this day hence ,
having twice borne the burden of the Crown,
shall bear the title of .
We, and , [Sovereigns] of An Tir,
do acknowledge this and do affirm their right to bear by Letters Patent: [blazon]
and to bear above the shield a front-facing helm with gold coronet bearing strawberry leaves
with mantling of [the principal color and metal or fur of the Arms].
In witness whereof, We do here set Our hand and seal,
this day of , Anno Societatis , being Gregorian.
, [Sovereign] of An Tir , [Sovereign] of An Tir

If the new Duke doesn't have registered arms, the herald shall substitute:

"We do affirm their right to bear by Letters Patent, such suitable and unique Arms as, by consulting with Us and Our heralds, they shall choose, and to bear above the Arms a helm with gold coronet bearing strawberry leaves, with mantling."

The Dubbing

Let the Ducal Sword be brought forth.

Unsheathing the Ducal Sword, the Crown shall strike the new duke with the flat of the blade, upon the left shoulder, the right shoulder, and then upon the crown of the head, and say:

, it pleases Us greatly that you receive this Accolade at Our Hand.
My Liege, From your Hand I right gladly receive it.

The Regalia

Sheathing the Sword, the Crown calls for the coronet.

Let the Ducal Coronet be brought forth.

The coronet-bearer kneels before the Crown, and then returns to their place.

The Crown shall place the coronet upon the new duke's head, saying:

Be henceforth ,
in this Our Realm and throughout the Knowne World,
and wear this coronet in token of your rank.

Rising, the Duke shall receive their Sword back from the Crown.

We return this Sword to your keeping,
charging you to use it henceforth
as you have heretofore,
in a noble, knightly, and honorable manner.
My liege, upon my honor I swear to do so.

The Duke/Duchess shall gird themselves with the Sword.

The Fealty

If the new Duke/Duchess's inspiration will be raised in rank, and will participate in their investiture, then they may move to the Crown's left to await the procession of the consort, and swear fealty to the Crown with them.

But, if they will not participate, or if the inspiration will not be raised to rank, then they may swear at this time.

, is it your desire to swear fealty to Their Majesties?
It is.

After they kneel before the Crown, the herald says:

Do you now swear fealty to and ,
your undoubted [Sovereigns],
that you will obey their lawful commands in all matters that concern this Realm,
and as you have sat upon the Throne and received the oaths of the people,
do you in turn swear faith to the Crown and Kingdom of An Tir?
And, being mindful that the honor of the Realm springs from your own deeds,
do you swear that you shall treat those of every degree with chivalry and courtesy,
so long as Their Majesties remain Sovereigns of An Tir?
I so swear.
Crown 1
And We, for Our part, do swear fealty to this of An Tir,
and promise to protect and defend them and their household with all Our power,
so long as We remain Sovereigns of An Tir.
So say We, , [Sovereign] of An Tir.
Crown 2
And so say We, , [Sovereign] of An Tir.

The Scroll

The Crown will hand the Duke/Duchess the Scroll, and if the Crown be a Duke/Duchess, they shall extend their right hand, taking the new Duke/Duchess by the same, and congratulate them. If the Crown is not a Duke/Duchess, then the senior Duke/Duchess present shall perform this rite:

Welcome, , to our right noble estate.

Then as the dukes/duchesses present congratulate their new comrade, the Crown's herald will exhort the cheers of the people.

If the new Duke/Duchess will not be participating in the next investiture, they shall be given leave to depart with their retinue, and the herald will exhort the cheers of the populace.

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