Ceremony for the Order of the Masters of Defense (Surprise)

Ceremonial of the Kingdom of An Tir

Version: Collegium, ASLIV(2019)

At the Crown's command, the herald will call forward the Order.


Let all those Companions of the Order of Defense here present, come now into the Presence of your Sovereigns.


Greetings to you Companions. We are in receipt of your letters, and have heard your words, and understand that you feel your numbers are lacking. How can We, your Sovereigns, remedy this lack?


Your Majesties, we have one whom we would nominate to join our company, should they meet with your approval.


Who among you would speak about this person, that We may know more before We make Our decision?

Speakers talk about the candidate.


So, then, are you all agreed that this candidate is one my CONSORT and I should add to your order?


Yes, Your Majesty.


As you have advised us, We are minded to expand your Order. Bring forth this candidate.

Here the designated escort brings the candidate into Court and before Their Majesties.


, well pleased with your prowess upon the field, and the recommendations of Our Order of Defense, We are minded to create you a Companion of the Order of Defense. Will you accept (a vigil if offered) (or) from Us this honor, and swear fealty to the Crown and Kingdom of An Tir?


Yes, Your Majesties.

If a vigil is accepted, the Candidate will be given leave to depart, escorted by the Order. If the ceremony will be immediate, continue as below.


By what sword would you swear fealty and receive this accolade?

The new peer will state their choice, and the CONSORT will take up that sword. Laying it across Their palms, THEIR MAJESTIES proceed.


Place your hands upon Ours.

HERALD (leads the oath in phrases)

Here do I swear fealty to and my undoubted SOVEREIGN and CONSORT, that I will obey Their Lawful commands in all matters that concern this realm, and uphold the Crown and Kingdom of An Tir.


And we for Our part, do swear fealty to you, to protect and defend you and your household with all Our power, for so long as We remain Sovereigns of An Tir.


So say We, , CONSORT of An Tir.


So say We, , SOVEREIGN of An Tir.

Taking the sword by the hilt, the CONSORT shall bestow the accolade with the flat of the blade upon the right shoulder, the left shoulder, and then upon the crown of the head.


Arise, Master .

Bring forth the MEDALLION.

When the MEDALLION arrives, if there is history it may be shared at this time. If the Medallion is suspended from the COLLAR, skip the section below calling for the Collar.


Take from Our hands this token of your accomplishment and Our esteem. (IF already on the COLLAR, continue here) Wear this COLLAR as a symbol of that nobility to which your own labors, as much as Our recognition, have raised you.

If the Medallion was NOT suspended from the Collar, continue as below.


Bring forth the COLLAR. (And when it has arrived)

Wear this COLLAR as symbol of that nobility to which your own labors, as much as Our recognition, have raised you.

And here the CONSORT shall deliver the BUFFET (either a blow or a kiss) saying


Accept this blow (or kiss) to always remember the vow you have made this day.

If there is a SCROLL, continue as below


Herald, read the scroll.

(reads scroll text)

Master , go now to your peers.

NOTES FOR THE HERALD: Try to discover before court if the medallion will be on the collar or separate. The court coordinator may be able to get this information for you.