The Crown Lists

Ceremonial of the Kingdom of An Tir

Version: (2022)


The Crown may first seat themselves, or if they wish may come in with their retinue before the procession.

At Their Majesties' command the Herald shall call for the presence of the populace to witness the Invocation of the Lists.

Let all who would compete in the Crown Lists of the Kingdom of An Tir present themselves before Their Majesties and , [Sovereigns] of An Tir.


The order of the procession shall be as follows:

  1. The Royal Guard (if there is one).
  2. The Musicians (if any).
  3. Territorial Branches (by class) in order of precedence (see notes for Heralds):
    1. Principalities
    2. Crown Principalities
    3. Baronies (and Provinces)
    4. Shires
    5. Cantons, colleges, strongholds and ports
  4. Combatants and inspirations in order of precedence
  5. The Marshalate
  6. The Heralds
  7. The Lists

As the procession enters the Royal Presence, the heralds will announce each branch and combatants.

And when all have entered the court, the herald shall proclaim:

People of An Tir, see here the combatants in the Crown List of the Kingdom of An Tir. Great is the honor of competing in this list, for the victor, with their consort, shall wear the Crowns of An Tir.

But you who enter into honorable combat do, by your courtesy and valor, show forth the renown of the Kingdom of An Tir, and the greater glory your inspiration. Let brave deeds and chivalric conduct prove you worthy of the honor you seek and the favors you bear.

If the Crown wishes to speak, the herald shall say:

Hear now the words of the Crown.

And the Crown shall speak such words of inspiration or instruction as they shall desire.

Following the Crown's talk, the Earl Marshal (with the senior marshals) shall approach the Crown.

Do you, , Earl Marshal of An Tir, accept authority over this field?
I do.
Henceforth, let none but the chivalric combatants and those with official business pertaining to combat, come within these precincts, until the combat is concluded.

Here the Marshals shall bow and withdraw.

The Oath

Let the people of An Tir bear witness to the Combatants' Oath:

Do you each know and swear to abide by the rules of the lists?

Do you each have an inspiration whose favor you advance, and whom you may crown as your inspiration, should you prove victorious on the field today?

Do you each swear that if victory is yours today, you and your chosen inspiration will attend your coronation, the Crown Tournament to select your successor, and your successor's coronation?

Do you affirm that if victory is yours today, you and your inspiration shall swear fealty to the Crown of An Tir?

Do you also affirm that you and your inspiration will fulfill the duties and obligations of the Crown of An Tir, ruling justly, according to the Laws and Customs of An Tir, to the utmost of your abilities, so long as you shall reign?

Then go bravely forth to the Field of Honor to prove the worth of your inspiration in noble victory or honorable defeat.

The populace will then be given an opportunity to present favors to the combatants, the herald saying:

Let any of the populace who desire come forth now to bestow favors upon these combatants of An Tir.

The Challenges (if done)

As the unbelted fighters generally outnumber the belted fighters, the King may invite selected unbelted fighters to take a place in the ranks of the belted. If there are an odd number of fighters, the King shall be sure to put more on the belted side than upon the unbelted, so a belted combatant gets the Bye.

The First Round (if done)

Let the unbelted combatants now issue their challenges for the first round. When challenge has been issued and accepted, begin the combat, and then go unto the Master of the Lists to record the result.

People of An Tir! Attend you now the beginning of the List of the Crown Tournament of the Kingdom of An Tir.

Heralds to the fields! Marshals to the fields! Let the Lists begin!

The Final Round

When there are only two combatants remaining, the herald shall, at their Majesties command, invoke the Final Round. The populace will be called to witness the final combat.

Let the final round of the Crown List of the Kingdom of An Tir begin. Come now the finalists who will do battle for the Kingdom of An Tir.
People of An Tir!

Witness now the final round for the Crown and Kingdom of An Tir. Here do meet , bearing (-arms-), and , bearing (-arms-).

The combatants will enter, each with their entourage and their personal herald.  The worth and virtues of the combatant and inspiration will be proclaimed by the personal herald.

The Crown will invite the inspirations to witness the combat from seats by the thrones.

When the inspirations have been seated, the personal herald and entourage will retire.

The herald will then announce the manner in which the final round will be organized (e.g., best two out of three). At Their Majesties' command, the chivalry will then be called onto the field to witness the combat.

The usual salutes will be made, and the combat will begin.

When the combat is over, the investiture of the new Victor and Inspiration shall take place, at a time and place commanded by the Crown.


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