Investiture of the Crown Heirs

Ceremonial of the Kingdom of An Tir

Version: (2022)

The Investiture

The Investiture shall take place as soon as convenient, after the conclusion of the Crown List. It is desirable that there be a short space for the combatants to rest and the victor and their inspiration to prepare for the Investiture, but the Crown may command immediate Investiture.

Heralds shall be sent throughout the encampment to summon the people to bear witness to the ceremony.

When the people have assembled, at the Crown's command, the herald shall proclaim:

and come and kneel before the Crown.
Your Majesties, has, by valor and skill, nobly promoted the honor of , and been victorious in the Crown List of An Tir. They come now before Your Majesties to claim the honor which is their due.

The victor and inspiration shall kneel. The Crown shall lay across Their palms the Sword of State. And the victor and inspiration will lay their hands atop the Sword, on the hands of the Crown, and the herald or Crown will lead them, phrase by phrase, in this Oath:

I swear fealty and homage to the Crown of An Tir
To loyally serve this Kingdom and its Crown.
Giving wise counsel,
According to my knowledge and abilities
To listen and learn
From all those who offer wise council.
To proudly wear
This coronet
As a symbol of my duty
As heir to the Crown of An Tir.
So say I .
Crown 1
And we for our part do swear fealty unto these Our Heirs,
and proclaim you [Crown Prince/Crown Princess/Heirs] of An Tir. 
We swear to protect and defend you and your household to best of our ability
so long as we remain Sovereigns of An Tir.

So say we , [Sovereign] of An Tir

Crown 2
And so say we [Sovereign] of An Tir.

Here shall Their Majesties place the coronets upon the heads of the Heirs.

Crown 2
Wear these coronets as our successors to the Thrones of An Tir with all honor and glory.

The Crown shall give the Great Books of An Tir to the Heirs.

Crown 1
Take these, the Great Books of An Tir, to help you in preparation for your reign.

One of the Champions shall bring forth the HEIR'S hammer or other item of rank.

Crown 1
Receive this HAMMER of the [HEIR] of An Tir, and bear it bravely in our defense.
Crown 2
And now, as is proper, come and sit beside us in the places of honor.

The herald will exhort the cheers of the people for the new Heirs.

The Honors of the Silver Rose and the Silver Lily

The herald shall call forth the other finalist and inspiration.

, and , the Crown commands your presence.

And when they have knelt, the Crown shall present the finalist with the token of the Silver Rose, saying:

, you have fought with great skill and valor this day. In remembrance of your prowess and bravery, We bestow upon you the Honor of the Silver Rose. Bear this token as a reminder to all of the mastery and honor you have shown this day.

And to the inspiration of the finalist:

, you have inspired your champion to great honor this day.  We bestow upon you the Honor of the Silver Lily.  Receive this symbol of your inspiration and Our esteem. 

The herald will exhort the cheers of the populace for the recipients as they take their leave.

Court may proceed here, or the populace may be given leave to depart, as Their Majesties command.

If the court is over, the herald will urge the cheers of the people in the usual order: Crown, Heirs, and the Kingdom.

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