Order of the Carp

Ceremonial of the Kingdom of An Tir

Version: (2022) 

The Crown may wish to invite the members of the Order of the Carp to come forward.  If so, the herald shall call forth the members. And when they have assembled the herald shall read:

During the reign of King Dak,
Her Majesty Nu Huang Lao resolved to honor those
who had striven for excellence in persona development, persevering in their task.
In China the CARP is symbolic of perseverance.
Thus, Queen Lao chose the carp to mark those
whose accomplishments in this endeavor were worthy of notice and praise.
She decreed that, in the manner of her homeland,
members of the Order may wear an embroidered patch as token of Her esteem;
and the emblem is: Gules a carp haurient embowed Or.
Their Majesties are minded to admit a new member to the Order of the Carp this day.
, the Crown invites your presence.

When the candidate kneels, the Crown shall say:

We are minded to admit you to the Order of the Carp.
Will you accept membership in the Order
and with it the responsibility of continuing the development of your own persona,
and offering assistance to those who would do the same?
I will.

Giving the token of the Order, the Crown says:

Then please accept from Our hands this token of the Order.
Let the word go forth, from this moment 
 is a member of the Order of the Carp of the Kingdom of An Tir.

And the herald will exhort the cheers of the people.


(While Duchess Lao had agreed to provide these tokens, she is no longer active in the SCA. Other sources may have been found for these tokens. Some Order members have allowed their original tokens to be given to new members of the Order; the Crown may wish to ask if there is someone who will offer their token for a specific recipient.) (If such a token is used, the Crown may wish to ask the giver to speak its history during the ceremony.)

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