Creation of a Knight

Ceremonial of the Kingdom of An Tir

Version: (2022)

At the Crown's command, the herald shall call forward the Order of Chivalry:

Let the Order of Chivalry, knights and masters-at-arms, come before Their Majesties.

After they have gathered, the herald shall call forward the candidate, who will kneel before the Crown.

, well-pleased with your prowess upon the field,
and right mindful of the desires of your peers,
We are minded to create you a Knight.
Will you accept from Us this honor,
and swear fealty to the Crown of the Kingdom of An Tir?

If the candidate is unwilling or unable to swear fealty, then they shall say:

No, your Majesty, I am unable.

And the herald will change to the Master-at-arms ceremony.

But if the candidate WILL swear, then they shall say:

Yes, Your Majesty.
 Are you bound in fealty to another?

If so, call the other person forward and have them release the candidate.

Upon what symbol will you swear fealty?

The symbols include:

The new peer shall state his/her/their choice, and the Crown shall take up the Symbol.

The herald will lead the oath (in phrases):

Here do I swear fealty to and ,
my undoubted [Sovereigns],
that I will obey Their lawful commands
in all matters that concern this realm,
and uphold the Crown and Kingdom of An Tir.
Crown 1
All this do We hear.
And We, for Our part, do swear fealty to ,
to protect and defend them and their household with all Our power,
so long as We remain Sovereigns of An Tir.
So say We, , [Sovereign] of An Tir.
Crown 2
And so say We, , [Sovereign] of An Tir.
By what name do you wish to be Knighted?

And when they have answered:

, by what sword would you make your vows and receive this accolade?

And the chosen sword is brought forward, and the Crown says:

Let the spurs of Knighthood be brought forth.

If there is history attached to the spurs, it may be shared at this time. 

When the spurs are buckled, on the Crown will draw the sword, laying it across His/Her/Their palms, and say:

Place your hands upon Ours, and this sword.

And the herald will lead the vow (phrase by phrase):

Here do I vow,
on this sword,
to be from this day forward
a good and true knight,
ever chivalrous and courteous,
and ever willing
to bind myself in fealty
to the Crown of my Kingdom,
to speak and to be silent,
to do and to let be,
to come and to go,
to strike and to spare
in such matters as concern this society,
in need and in plenty,
in peace and in war,
in living or in dying,
till death take me
or the world end.
So say I, .

Taking the sword by the hilt, the Crown shall bestow the accolade on the candidate with the flat of the blade upon the right shoulder, the left shoulder, and then upon the crown of the head. (See notes below if Crown is not a knight)

Arise, Sir .
Bring forth the Chain

If there is history attached to the chain, it may be shared at this time.

Crown 1
Wear this chain in token of your rank.
Crown 2
 Bring forth the Belt.

If there is history attached to the belt, it may be shared at this time. 

The inspiration of the new Knight, may be called forward at this time and assist the Crown in fastening the Knight's Belt about their waist.

Crown 2
Wear this belt in token of your ability.

And here the Crown shall deliver the buffet, saying:

Let this be the last blow you accept unanswered.
Go now to your peers.

As the Chivalry greets their peer, the herald will exhort the cheers of the populace.