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Anthony L. Jones (1998) Heraldry in Glamorgan, vol 8: Cardiff Castle. Book, pub D. Brown & Sons, Ltd.
Armory Scotland

Colin Campbell (1995) The Scots Roll: A Study of a Fifteenth Century Roll of Arms. Book, pub The Heraldry Society of Scotland.
Armory Rolls-of-arms Scotland 1401-1450 1451-1500

George F. Black (1946) The Surnames of Scotland. Book, pub The New York Public Library.
Names Recommended Scotland

Michael Case (no date) A Caerlaverock Roll of Arms. Web page, on Yagowe's World.
Armory Rolls-of-arms Scotland 1251-1300 Blazon
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Robert Bell (1988) The Book of Ulster Surnames. Book, pub The Blackstaff Press.
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Sara L. Uckelman (no date) The Dictionary of Medieval Names from European Sources. Web page.
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Thomas Wright (1864) The Roll of Arms of the Princes, Barons and Knights Who Attended King Edward I. to the Siege of Caerlaverock, in 1300. Book, pub John Camden Hotten.
Armory Rolls-of-arms Names 1251-1300 Blazon Scotland