Resources Recommended 25 entries

Alexander Beider (1995) Jewish Surnames in Prague (15th-18th Centuries). Book, pub Avotaynu, Inc.
Names Recommended Czechoslovakia Jewish Post-1600 1551-1600 1501-1550 1401-1450 1451-1500

Astrid Bæcklund (1959) Personal Names in Medieval Velikiji Novgorod. Book, pub Almqvist & Wiksell.
Names Recommended Russia

Charles Wareing Bardsley (1968) English Surnames. Book, pub Charled E. Tuttle Co.
Names Recommended England

Charles Wareing Bardsley (1988) Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames. Book, pub Heraldry Today.
Names Recommended England Wales

Charles Wareing Bardsley (1996) Curiosities of Puritan Nomenclature. Book, pub Genealogical Publishing.
Names Recommended England

Cieślikowa (1990) Staropolskie Odapelatywne Nazwy Osoboew. Book.
Names Recommended Poland

D. R. Shackleton Bailey (1976) Two Studies in Roman Nomenclature. Book, pub The American Philological Association.
Names Recommended Advanced Roman

George F. Black (1946) The Surnames of Scotland. Book, pub The New York Public Library.
Names Recommended Scotland

Gerald van Berkel; Kees Samplonius (1995) Nederlandse plaatsnamen. Book, pub Prisma.
Place-names Recommended Netherlands

Hans Bahlow (1965) Deutschlands Geographische Namenwelt. Book, pub Vittorio Klostermann.
Place-names Germany Recommended Advanced

Hans Bahlow (1965) Unsere Vornamen im Wandel der Jahrhunderte. Book, pub C.A. Stark Verlag.
Names Recommended Germany

Hans Bahlow (1967) Deutsches Namenlexikon. Book.
Names Recommended Germany

Hans Bahlow (1975) Mittelhochdeutsches Namenbuch. Book, pub Neustadt an der Aisch.
Names Recommended Germany

Hans Bahlow (1982) Pommersche Familiennamen. Book, pub Verglag Degener & Co.
Names Recommended Germany

Hans Bahlow (1993) Dictionary of German Names. Book, pub University of Wisconsin.
Names Recommended Germany
A translation of Bahlow’s Deutsches Namenlexikon.

Josef Karlmann Brechenmacher (1957-1960) Etmologisches Wörterbuch der Deutschen Familiennamen. Book, pub C.A. Starke-Verlag.
Names Recommended Germany

Kenneth Cameron (1961) English Place Names. Book, pub B. T. Batsford, Ltd.
Place-names Recommended England

Maria Boehler (1967) Die altenglischen Frauennamen. Book, pub Krauss Reprint.
Names England Recommended
Anglo-Saxon women's names

P. C. Bartrum (1966) Early Welsh Genealogical Tracts. Book, pub University of Wales Press.
Names Wales Recommended Advanced

Robert Bell (1988) The Book of Ulster Surnames. Book, pub The Blackstaff Press.
Names Recommended Advanced Ireland Scotland

Robert W. Ackerman (1867) An Index of Arthurian Names in Middle English. Book, pub AMS Press.
Names Recommended Advanced England

Wilfried Beele (1975) Studie van de Ieperse Persoonsnamen uit de Stads-en Baljuwsrekeningen 1250-1400. Book, pub Uitgeverij Familia et Patria.
Names Recommended Netherlands 1201-1250 1251-1300 1301-1350 1351-1400

William Barker (1966) Everyone in the Bible. Book, pub Fleming H. Revell Company.
Names Recommended Advanced Biblical

anonymous (1936-1940) Danmarks gamle personnavne. I Fornavne. Book, pub G. E. C. Gads Forlag.
Names Recommended Scandinavia

anonymous (1936-1940) Danmarks gamle personnavne. II Tilnavne. Book, pub G. E. C. Gads Forlag.
Names Recommended Scandinavia