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Charles Wareing Bardsley (1968) English Surnames. Book, pub Charled E. Tuttle Co.
Names Recommended England

Charles Wareing Bardsley (1988) Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames. Book, pub Heraldry Today.
Names Recommended England Wales

Charles Wareing Bardsley (1996) Curiosities of Puritan Nomenclature. Book, pub Genealogical Publishing.
Names Recommended England

John Rous (1483) The Rous Roll. Web page, on British Library.
Armory 1451-1500 England

Kathleen M. O'Brien (no date) A Survey of English Bynames: Occupational Bynames. Web page, on Medieval Scotland.
Names England Pre-1001 1001-1050 1051-1100 1101-1150 1151-1200 1201-1250 1251-1300 1301-1350 1351-1400 1401-1450 1451-1500 1501-1550 1551-1600

Kenneth Cameron (1961) English Place Names. Book, pub B. T. Batsford, Ltd.
Place-names Recommended England

Kevin Rhodes (no date) The Dering Roll -- An Analysis. Web page, on Poore House Academy of Heraldry.
Armory Rolls-of-arms England 1251-1300 Analyses

Maria Boehler (1967) Die altenglischen Frauennamen. Book, pub Krauss Reprint.
Names England Recommended
Anglo-Saxon women's names

Michael Powell Siddons (2009) Heraldic Badges in England and Wales. Book [ISBN 9781843834939] , pub The Boydell Press.
Armory England Wales 1301-1350 1351-1400 1401-1450 1451-1500 1501-1550 1551-1600 Post-1600 Badges

Nicholas Harris Nicolas (1829) A Roll of Arms compiled in the reign of Henry III, MCCXLV. Book, pub William Pickering.
Armory Rolls-of-arms England 1201-1250

Robert W. Ackerman (1867) An Index of Arthurian Names in Middle English. Book, pub AMS Press.
Names Recommended Advanced England

Sara L. Uckelman (no date) The Dictionary of Medieval Names from European Sources. Web page.
Names England Scotland Wales Ireland Scandinavia Poland Russia Netherlands France Italy Germany Iberia Switzerland Baltic-states Eastern-europe 1551-1600 1501-1550 1451-1500 1401-1450 1351-1400 1301-1350 1251-1300 1201-1250 1151-1200 1101-1150 1051-1100 1001-1050 Pre-1001

Thomas Holme; Roger Legh; William Hawkeslowe; Thomas Benolt (1445-1524) Sir Thomas Holme's Book of Arms. Web page, on British Library.
Armory Rolls-of-arms 1401-1450 1451-1500 1501-1550 England

Wikipedia (no date) Dering Roll. Web page, on Wikipedia.
Armory England 1251-1300

anonymous (1270-1280) The Dering Roll. Web page, on British Library.
Armory Rolls-of-arms England 1251-1300

anonymous (1501-1600) Insignia Anglica [BSB Cod.icon. 291]. Web page, on Bayerische StaatsBibliothek: Digital Collections.
Armory Rolls-of-arms England 1501-1550 1551-1600