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Tir Righ IL dated 2012-01-14 (Jump to Submissions)

Greetings unto the College of Heralds!

Commentary on this letter is due February 8.

Red Flame Herald meetings:

I am not scheduling a specific date for the meetings. Meetings will be held shortly after the commentary cutoff date. If you are interested in participating in a meeting (usually held in the Shire of False Isle), please email redflame@tirrigh.org for the exact time and location of the meetings.

From Red Flame:

Happy New Year! My apologies for the late posting of this letter. Between holiday chaos and a delay trying to confirm information, this letter has come out much later than I had planned.

Any interested in joining our commentary team are most welcome. You do not need to be an expert. Less experienced heralds are welcome to come and learn. Anyone who may be interested in providing commentary on these letters, or who would like more information, should contact myself or Silver Yale.

Alicia Red Flame

Red Flame Actions:

The following submissions have been forwarded to Laurel:

· Meagan ferch Meredydd - New Badge: (Fieldless) On a coronet argent an acorn inverted slipped and leaved proper.

· Sabine d'Angers - New Badge: (Fieldless) On an open book purpure a bee proper.

The following submissions have been returned by Red Flame Herald for further work:

· None

1: Kallikleas Lysias - New Release

Bryce of Tir Rígh

Submission History:

The name Kallik Lyceas was submitted on the An Tir IL dated 2010-11-07 and returned by Laurel on the March 2011 LoAR.

Under the name Kallik Lyceas, he submitted the device Azure, an eagle and in base a crescent all within an orle Or on the An Tir IL dated 2010-12-04 and this device was registered on the April 2011 LoAR, under the holding name Bryce of Tir Rígh since his name had been returned the month before.

The submitter resubmitted the name Kallikleas Lysias on the Tir Rígh IL dated 2011-06-05, and it was registered by Laurel on the November 2011 LoAR.

Note from Red Flame:

There was no indication on this submission form that the submitter had a holding name nor a registered device. It was only after Kallikleas Lysias was registered that I was informed of this.

The submitter wishes to have the name Bryce of Tir Rígh released and the associated armory transferred to Kallikleas Lysias

2: Luther Magnus von Danzig - New Name

• Submitter desires a male name.
• No major changes.
• Sound most important.

The submitter's previous name submission "Luther Magnus" was on the Tir Righ IL dated 2011-10-03 and returned by kingdom for conflict with Lothaire Magnus (registered April 1991 via Trimaris). The given names are too similar in look and sound, as well as Lothaire being the French equivalent of the German 'Luther'.

The addition of the locative byname should clear this conflict.

The submitter wishes a male name and cares most about sound (unspecified). He will not allow major changes.

Luther is dated to 1317 in Talan Gwenek's "Medieval German Given Names from Silesia" http://heraldry.sca.org/laurel/names/bahlow_v.htm

Note from Red Flame: The submitted URL for Talan's article was incorrect; I have corrected it.

Magnus is found in Brechenmacher (s.n. Magnus) dated to 1314 (Theoderich Magnus zu Grünberg).

This documentation is identical to his original submission. He did not include additional documentation for the byname.

Note from Red Flame: I have been in contact with the submitter and received the following additional information via email from him - "What research I have done points to two names for the city, G'dansk (the Polish name) and Danzig (the German), and was founded in the 13th Century. What I have so far, is an image of the royal seal from 1228 (http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Image:Zwantepolc.png). The spelling is less of a concern for me as the location/sound of the name. In this image it is spelled Danceke. Other forms include Dantzig, Dantsic, and Dantzic but I cannot date them at this time. These are the German versions of the name (as many locations in Europe have different names based on Language) with G'dansk being the modern Polish version."

The submitter's priorities are:

1) the byname should mean that he is from the city now known as Danzig

2) the spelling doesn't matter that much but he'd like it to sound as close to Danzig as possible

3) he wants a German spelling rather than Polish (which would go better with the rest of his name).

Thus ends the January 2012 Internal Letter of Intent.

In service to the Principality of Tir Righ and to the College of Heralds,

Alicia le Wilfulle, OL

Red Flame Herald


An Tir OSCAR counts: 1 New Name, 1 New Release. This gives 2 new items. Resub Counts: There are no resubmissions on this letter.

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