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Tir Righ IL dated 2011-05-01 (Jump to Submissions)

Greetings unto the College of Heralds!

Commentary on this letter is due June 6.

Red Flame Herald meetings:

· The April IL will be discussed on May 7th at the Barony of Lions Gate Summer Defenders Tourney! Exact time to be announced at the event.

· The May IL will be discussed on June 11 at Tir Righ Coronet in the Shire of Danescombe.

· The June IL is tentatively scheduled for discussion on July 9 at The Stranded Mermaid in the Shire of False Isle

From Silver Yale:

I'd like to thank everyone who has helped our Principality College get to this point. Your commentary and assistance to me has made all the difference and I thank you for helping me to retain some of my sanity. Yes only some, but not to worry because I was never 100% to begin with <grin>.

From here on, Alicia Red Flame is taking the task of creating the ILoI and all the other details that come with the job of the official Submissions Herald of Tir Righ. She has a lot of experience working in OSCAR as a commentary Herald and the best person for the job. I will remain as the Silver Sparkes Herald (Admin clerk to Red Flame) until such time as the job description is fully documented and a call for applications goes out.

Play safe everyone, some of those charges are pointy.

Caitrina Silver Yale

From Red Flame:

This is my first Internal Letter as I have now taken over the Submissions office. I would like to thank and commend Caitrina Silver Yale for all her hard work and perseverance in getting Tir Righ's own Internal Letter up and running. This is an important step towards our becoming a kingdom. I would also like to thank Caitrina for staying on as Silver Sparkes Herald (my administrative deputy) to assist and advice me during this transition phase.

I look forward to working with all those who have been actively commenting on the Tir Righ letters. I greatly appreciate the time you put into this and hope you will continue to do so. Without your assistance, this job would be much more daunting. I also encourage other Tir Righ's heralds to join the commenting team. Please let myself and/or Silver Yale know if you are interested in commenting.

All interested heralds are welcome to attend the Red Flame Herald meetings. These meetings are held to review the submissions and commentary for the specified Internal Letter. The meeting discussion as well as the commentary will assist me in making my final decision whether to forward a submission to Laurel Sovereign of Arms or to return it for further work. The next three meetings (and likely some future meetings) are being held at events throughout Tir Righ to enable more heralds to attend. (Although I am unable to attend the May 7 meeting myself, Silver Yale/Silver Sparkes will be hosting the meeting on my behalf.)

Alicia Red Flame

Red Flame Actions:

The following submissions have been forwarded to Laurel:

· Aine inghean ui Chonchobhair - New Name.

· Alys Lakewood - New Household Name: Boar Mountain Hold and New Badge: Per chevron Or and azure, three pine trees gules one and two, in base, a rampant boar argent.

· Margarita Harris of Sheffield - New Name and New Device: Per pale purpure and argent, an oak tree eradicated counter-changed and a chief embattled sable.

· Tamora Webb - New Name and New Device: Sable, a horse rampant argent and a bordure Or semy of spiders sable.

The following submissions have been returned by Red Flame Herald for further work:

· None

1: Wulfgar Bradaxe - New Name

Wulfgar Bradax

• Submitter desires a male name.
• Sound most important.

Submitter's Branch is Seagirt.

Submitter will accept all changes, will accept a holding name and if his name must be changed, cares most about sound (unspecified).

The forms for both name and device spelled the byname for "Society Name" as "Bradaxe" but on the name form, the name being submitted was filled in as "Bradax_".

The submitter included several printouts as documentation which I will summarize as they are quite lengthy.

The submitter included a printout of Brigham Young University digital text archive: SURNAMES by ERNEST WHEEKLEY (no URL provided but I was able to locate it at: http://www.archive.org/stream/surnames00week/surnames00week_djvu.txt)

The section is titled "THE WOLF 35"

Quite as important as the bear and the boar are the mysterious wolf and raven, the companions of Odin. AS. Wulf appears initially in a great number of names, and the modern name Wolfe, Woof, is sometimes a shortened form of these rather than a nickname. Most historical of all is the dim. Ulfilas, the name of the translator of the Gothic Bible. Among compounds of Wulf are Wulfgar [Woolgar), Wulfnoth [Woolnough), ^'ulfred, ^^'ulfric {Woolfrey, Woolfries), Wulfstan, whence the local Wolstenholme and Wolstoncraft, Wulfwig (Woolley), and Wulfwine {Woolven, Woollen).

(note: yes, the punctuation is this odd in the original)

The submitter included what appears to be a screenshot from the PASE (Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England) database showing search results for the name "Wulfgar". The print quality is very poor. The URL is barely legible but appears to be http://www.pase.ac.uk/pdb?dosp=PAGE_CHANGE&N=1.

The page shows "Results 1 - 25 out of 70" and I can read the names "WULFGAR 1:" through "WULFGAR 25:" but I cannot make out the other details which likely contain the date information.

The submitter included three screenshots from Beowulf in Hypertext http://www.humanities.mcmaster.ca/~beowulf/main.html.

The relevant parts on the first page appear to be that it is "dated around the year 1000 a.d." and that it was written in Old English.

On the second page, the submitter highlighted "Wulfgar" in this section of Chapter V (Modern Text):

Hied then in haste to where Hrothgar sat

white-haired and old, his earls about him,

till the stout thane stood at the shoulder there

of the Danish king: good courtier he!

Wulfgar spake to his winsome lord:--

"Hither have fared to thee far-come men

o'er the paths of ocean, people of Geatland;

and the stateliest there by his sturdy band

is Beowulf named.

In a side comment box, the submitter also highlighted:


Arriving in *Heorot, the travelers observe the decorated streets. *Wulfgar stops them to ask their business. The leader of the *Geat seafarers is named *Beowulf and he seeks an audience with *Hrothgar.

*Hrothgar is upon his throne as *Wulfgar asks him to speak with these armed men led by *Beowulf of the *Geats. Their leader appears to him a very strong warrior.

The third page includes the first part of Chapter VI which includes:

[To the door of the hall

Wulfgar went] and the word declared:--

"To you this message my master sends,

East-Danes' king, that your kin he knows,

hardy heroes, and hails you all

welcome hither o'er waves of the sea!

A photocopied page from Studies on Middle English Nicknames: I. COMPOUNDS by Jan Jönsjö (LUND STUDIES IN ENGLISH 55, EDITORS CLAES SCHAAR AND JAN SVARTVIK, no copyright date) included:


Y: Ebrardus Bradex 1190 PR 61, Euerardus Brodax 1197 PR 44, Thom. Bradax 1230 PR 270.

Y: 10x

OE br{a-}d 'broad' + OE æx and ON øx 'axe'. 'One who has a battle-axe or a broad-headed axe for hewing'. The name may denote a wood-cutter, carpenter or soldier. Cf. Bulax, Handax below and Selten 1975 s.n. Brodax

The submitter also included two pages which appear to be the result of a search of the National Archives (Kew, Richmond, Surrey) which includes:

Quitclaim HD 1538/389/3

1. Geoffrey Bradax of Wulpyt [Woolpit] 2. Nicholas del Brok of Beketun [Bacton] (1) quitclaims to (2), 8 1/4d. annual rent for tenement which (1) formerly held in Thatestoke [Tostock]: viz. from William, son of Thomas le Ram, 6d. (1/2 at feast of St Edmund, Date: 1233 - 1799 Source: Access to Archives (A2A): not kept at The National Archives

(Note: there was no URL provided. I found this same quote by going to http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/ and searching for "Bradax" although the page layout is different than that submitted)

1: Wulfgar Bradaxe - New Device

Gyronny arrondi sable and ermine, a bordure bezanty.

The blazon as submitted (above) is missing the tincture of the bordure. The correct blazon should be: Gyronny arrondi sable and ermine, a bordure gules bezanty.

In service to the Principality of Tir Righ and to the College of Heralds,

Alicia le Wilfulle, OL

Red Flame Herald


An Tir OSCAR counts: 1 New Name, 1 New Device. This gives 2 new items. Resub Counts: There are no resubmissions on this letter.

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