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Tir Righ IL dated 2011-01-29 (Jump to Submissions)

Unto Anthony Black Lion, Elizabeth Lions Blood, and the esteemed heralds from An Tir and elsewhere, Caitrina Silver Yale sends greetings and hopes you had a Happy New Year!

Commentary on this letter is due February 28, 2011

Submission Herald Meetings:

Saturday, March 6th, time to be announced. Location will be at the Tir Righ "February" Investiture.

From Silver Yale:

Greetings unto the An Tir College from Caitrina Silver Yale!

It's been a slow time coming but we're hoping the word is getting out about where to send submissions for Tir Righ. Lions Blood had received some submissions that were then given to a member of the Tir Righ populace and are on their way back across the border. They should be in my hands on Feb 5th but not in time to be on this letter unfortunately.

We're coming along well with getting our process in place and ready to pass on to our first official submissions Herald. No title yet but we're working on it. As well I'm amending the class notes for the University of Tir Righ Heraldry class I taught on the An Tir Submission process to reflect the Tir Righ process to help spread the word. First class should be at the end of February at the Lions Gate Bardic Defenders event.

I'd like to thank everyone who has helped to get us this far and look forward to entering my second year as Silver Yale this spring.

In Service to Heraldic Colleges everywhere,

Caitrina inghean Aindriasa

Silver Yale Herald of Tir Righ

Submission Herald (title pending) actions:

Returned for further work

1: John de Rokyngham - Badge

(fieldless) On a roundel quarterly argent and gules, a cross patonce voided Or.

This submission returned due to style issues of a divided roundel on a fieldless background as per Laurel precedent which states, "we do not register fieldless badges which appear to be independent forms of armorial display. Charges such as lozenges, billets, and roundels are all both standard heraldic charges and "shield shapes" for armorial display....This is parallel to our practices concerning inescutcheons of pretense....Note that this does not change our long-standing policy about such "shield shape" charges used in fieldless badges if the tincture is not plain (thus, divided or with a field treatment), or if the charge is itself charged. Such armory will continue to be returned for the appearance of an independent form of armorial display."

There was also a question raised on if a cross patonce can be voided due to a precedent of Francois la Flamme 1:

A cross flory is not a "suitable charge" for RfS X.4.j.ii, which states in pertinent part, "A charge is suitable for the purposes of [RfS X.4.j.ii] if (a) it is simple enough in outline to be voided..." Crosses fleury are analogous to crosses moline for purposes of considering whether they are too complicated to void or to fimbriate. The LoAR of July 1999 stated, "This is being returned for violating the precedent set by Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme as Laurel (January 15, 1993, cover letter) concerning which charges are suitable for fimbriation. A cross moline is too complex to fimbriate."

In the cases of both crosses moline and crosses flory, some period depictions of the cross have ends which are complicated enough that the cross is arguably too complex to void by the criteria of the Cover Letter dated January 15, 1993 (for the November 1992 LoAR), although many other period depictions of these crosses are simple enough to void by the same criteria. While we are not certain whether we would rule, de novo, that crosses moline are too complicated to void, insufficient evidence has been presented to overturn the previous precedent concerning the voidability of crosses moline. [Victoria Anthoinette Sauvignon, 03/04, R-Calontir] Although this does not guarantee a cross patonce cannot be voided, it was deemed important to let the submitter know of the possible problem.

1: Rashid al-Qasim - New Device

Pean, three serpents nowed Or

Submitter's name was registered Feb 2008.

if there are any questions or concerns please contact me at herald(at)tirrigh(dot)org.

An Tir OSCAR counts: 1 New Device. This gives 1 new item. Resub Counts: There are no resubmissions on this letter.

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