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Tir Righ IL dated 2010-10-30 (Jump to Submissions)

Submission Herald Meetings

November IL: Saturday, December 11th at 1pm. Location is the Howe Sound Brew Pub, Squamish, BC. Home of the infamous cheddar ale soup! With a Rock Band Party following at the home of Caitrina Silver Yale. Be warned my home is also the home of the infamous Tir Righ Beer Star so there are many "don't be driving after this" beverages on tap in the all powerful Beer Cave. Those of Tir Righ know of what I speak.

From Silver Yale

Greetings unto the An Tir College from Caitrina Silver Yale!

This is a very exciting time in our Principality and has been a long time coming. We are very grateful to Laurel Queen of Arms for having faith in our College and believing we have what it takes to make this happen. It could not have happened without the efforts of Gwenlian Queue Forchée and the support of Anthony Black Lion and Elizabeth Lions Blood. Our sincere thanks to everyone who has helped us to get this far. We will do our best not to let you down.

For those still unaware, Tir Righ is accepting submissions on behalf of their populace and taking on the role of Black Talbot, Boar, Sinister Gauntlet and Lions Blood for those submissions. I will be acting in those roles for a few months while training Alicia Red Flame to take over and deem if / when we will need to train others to come aboard as deputies. Tir Righ has a thriving Heraldic community but lacked the opportunity to grow as a College outside of taking on offices in the An Tir College. As I said, very exciting times indeed and the out pouring of support has been overwhelming.

For the time being we will not be duplicating the info from the An Tir letter such as Laurel Actions or info from the Laurel Letters. In the future this may change but to begin with we would rather not be duplicating a lot of info as this letter is more of an extension to the An Tir letter. They say anything great has to start with one. That's a good thing because so far one is all we got….

In Service to Heraldic Colleges everywhere,

Caitrina inghean Aindriasa

Silver Yale Herald of Tir Righ

1: John de Rokyngham - New Badge

(fieldless) On a roundel quarterly argent and gules, a cross patonce voided Or.

Name previously submitted via An Tir and presently being decided at Laurel.

Possible problems with the size and identifiability of the cross has been noted, College is willing to assist submitter and correct issues with images and forms before being forwarded to Laurel if no conflicts are found.

if there are any questions or concerns please contact me at herald(at)tirrigh(dot)org.

An Tir OSCAR counts: 1 New Badge. This gives 1 new item. Resub Counts: There are no resubmissions on this letter.

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