May Crown AS LII

Black Lion Seal
Black Lion
Principal Herald


The following proclamation was made by Their Majesties at Candlemas, in the Barony of Dragon's Laire, on 11 February, AS LI:

We further wish to announce the rules and restrictions for all combatants and consorts in May Crown Tournament:

  1. All An Tir legal weapons and shields will be allowed. Combatants are expected to bring their best fight to prove their own worth and to test the prowess of the winner.
  2. ALL combatants and ALL consorts in the May Crown Tourney must have a name AND device either registered or "in submission" through the College of Heralds. We will accept as proof a copy of your name and device from the An Tir Roll of Arms, a copy of the receipt letter/email from the College of Heralds, or a signed letter from the submitting Herald.
    1. Any combatant or consort for whom this is their FIRST time competing in a Crown Tournament is excepted from this requirement PROVIDED that should they win, they will have met this requirement prior to their coronation.
    2. In order to encourage compliance with this requirement, any combatant or consort who declares a financial hardship with the fees associated with the heraldic submission, will have their submission fees paid from the personal account of the King and Queen. This is our gift to our subjects to encourage persona development and the use of personal heraldry to the betterment of Our Kingdom.
    3. To declare a financial hardship you must merely tell the consulting Herald at the time of submission. No questions asked.
    4. The College of Heralds has been made aware of this Royal Proclamation and is ready to receive the surge of submissions.
    5. Combatants and Consorts are strongly advised to seek early consultation with their local submission Herald first, then their regional or Principality Herald, then the Kingdom Herald if needed. This is not an overnight process.
    6. Heralds will be available for consultation at most local and all Kingdom events preceding May Crown.
    7. Heralds will be available for last-minute submissions Friday night at May Crown (that is too late for consultation).
  3. All combatants in May Crown Tournament shall have a painted shield board bearing their registered (or in-submission) device on the f ront and the name of the combatant on the back. No temporary or other shield boards will be accepted.
    1. Viscount Sir Matheus Bane is selling blank oak wood list shield boards made from the former THRONES of An Tir. Each will be $10 and comes with a mark attesting to the royal origin of the wood. All proceeds go to the An Tir general fund. Contact Sir Bane at to purchase your shield board. (They make great gifts!)
      1. Combatants do not need to use a fundraiser shield board. Any appropriate shield board is acceptable.
    2. Shield boards for the Lists in An Tir are expected to be of the following dimensions 4” x 3.75”, should have holes drilled in the center top and center bottom no less than Ľ” in diameter and no more than 7/16” from the top edge and no more than ˝” from the bottom edge. Further the board should be thin enough to be hung by the hooks (about 1/8”).

We are looking forward to seeing you all at the upcoming wars, feasts, and tournaments!

Yours in service to An Tir,

Styrkarr, Sable Lion
Stjarna, mighty buffet-handed Sable Lioness

A sampling of the last September Crown Lists indicates about 1/3 of the participants will need to register a name or a device.


The An Tir College of Heralds has instituted the following procedures to assist those individuals who do not yet meet the registration requirement:

  1. Those who have registered names and arms (including holding names) have satisfied the registration requirement, and should work with the heralds below to obtain the evidence required by the Crown.
  2. The first point of contact will be your local branch herald, if one exists. Please let them guide you, and work with them. At the same time, local heralds should work closely with the kingdom heralds below to produce successful submissions.
  3. If your local branch does not possess a herald, or if you are a local herald in need of assistance, the following heralds have volunteered to take your request for consultation on behalf of the College:
    Tir Rígh: Caitrina Sinister Gauntlet,
    Summits: Emelyn Black Talbot,
    Western: Tóki Loyall,
    Inlands: Ţorkell Black Antelope,
    Rivers: Marya Demi-Lion,
  4. If the herald contacted fails to respond within 72 hours, the submitter should email Oddr Black Lion, Principal Herald of An Tir, with the same information:
  5. The herald contacted will manage or delegate the task of gathering appropriate consultation notes and forward them to a team of consulting heralds who will process these requests and provide the submitter with appropriate submission forms ready for printing and submission.
  6. The submitter will be responsible for providing timely responses to questions the heralds may have.
  7. The submitter will be responsible for submitting the actual forms and fees as appropriate. See the instructions available on the Heraldic Registration page.
  8. Submissions gathered via this process will be subject to the same processing standards as names and armory gathered through the normal channels.

In satisfying the requirements of the Lists, the Crown reminds all to take special care to submit legal devices and names that follow the standards of the Laurel office and which have a high likelihood of registration. Resubmissions of previously returned items must address the reasons for prior return with significant and meaningful change.

Consultation Tables

We anticipate additional consultation tables as ability to host and staff them permit, and we will attempt to reach a variety of regions. Please be alert for announcements about tables, and be aware that at major events they may be crowded; your consultation may be referred to email.

Be aware that while some tables will be able to accept the submissions and fees on behalf of the kingdom, others may not, and in such cases you will be told to mail them in to the normal address, or deliver in-person at May Crown.

Consultation tables accepting submissions require check or money order; cash payment is not permitted. While we are happy to accept a check issued by another on your behalf, the herald at the consult table is NOT permitted to convert your cash into a check. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS -- DOING SO PUTS THE HERALD AT ADMINISTRATIVE RISK.

Confirmed consultation tables -- Watch this space:

18 FebMadrone ASBMadroneTentative -- Accepting submissions if authorized herald present
18 FebTir Rígh InvestitureLionsdale
25 FebLions StageLions Gate
25 FebMask & SteelVulcanfeldt
25 FebSummits ASBBriaroakAccepting submissions
4 MarInlands Exchequer TrainingWastekeep
11 MarKingdom ASBDragon's LaireAccepting submissions
18 MarDesert WarWastekeep
18 MarSummits CoronetCoeur du ValAccepting submissions
18 MarDaffodil TourneySeagirtAccepting submissions
25 MarSergeant's TrialsWastekeep
25 MarQuest for the Golden FleeceRamsgaard
1 AprSpring FeastRivers BendAccepting submissions
1 AprMadrone Baronial BanquetMadroneAccepting submissions
1 AprCanterbury FayreLions Gate
8 AprBaroness' WarVulcanfeldt
22 AprArt of WarAquaterraAccepting submissions
22 AprBar GemelsTerra PomariaAccepting submissions
22 AprHonor WarLyonsmarche
29 AprEmbers & AmbrosiaBlatha an OirAccepting submissions
13 MayMayfairGlymm MereAccepting submissions

Submission Forms

Submission forms may be found here.

Submitters are strongly urged to review the tips, below.

Submitting via Local Heralds

Local heralds are not permitted to take your submission on behalf of the kingdom. There are no exceptions. Submitters should either mail, or submit via a consult table listed as accepting submissions, or submit Friday at May Crown.

Submitting via Mail

Those mailing completed submissions will find address and fee information on the Heraldic Registration page.

While we will make our best effort to monitor the mail boxes in the days preceding May Crown, we will be unable to verify items that remain in transit. Those who find themselves completing their forms in the last few days are advised NOT to mail them, and instead bring them to May Crown and submit them in-person.

Submitting at May Crown

Completed submissions may also be turned in to an appropriate kingdom herald Friday at May Crown, at the Lists field unless otherwise posted. Further consultation on submissions may not be available: submitters are strongly urged to take advantage of consult tables early.

If submitting at May Crown, remember to provide a check or money order as appropriate for your submission. However, His Majesty has generously offered to provide a check for those unable to provide their own at May Crown. In such a case, the heralds will accept the submission as paid: the submitter will on their honor repay His Majesty directly.


We have a page of tips for successful submissions. In particular, the following points should be kept in mind:


Questions regarding this process may be submitted via Rhi Lions Blood, This process may change as needed to meet the Crown's wishes and the requirements of the Laurel Sovereign of Arms.

In Service to the Crown of An Tir,

Oddr Ţiálfason, Black Lion Principal Herald (
Meistres Rhieinwylydd verch Einion Llanaelhaearn, Lions Blood Herald (